Catlateral Damage is a purr-fectly crazy game for the HTC Vive

Now you can be that annoying cat that knocks over things, in VR

Haven't heard of the game Catlateral Damage? Well, it's hysterical, especially if you know how cats work.

In the game you're a kitty whose sole purpose seems to be to knock things over and generally make a mess of things. The game isn't exactly new but its latest Virtual Reality port is. Best bit about the VR update is that it's completely free, so long as you have the original game on Steam.

The first-player game is perfectly playable on PC though of course it won't be nearly half as fun as dancing around swiping virtual things like a real cat would. 

Highlights of the game as taken from the official Steam writeup:

  • Play from the perspective of a crazy domestic house cat. 
  • Destroy precious collectibles and expensive electronics with your little paws. 
  • Make a mess of every room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen. 
  • Procedurally-generated houses for endless replayability. 
  • Loads of collectibles, unlockable cats, and power-ups. 
  • Over 230 photos of real-life cats to find and collect.

Sounds like a decent amount of things to do in what is basically a virtual cat simulator, minus the bits where you have to feed it and clean up the litter box.

Head over to Steam to get the base version of Catlateral Damage, currently 50 per cent off on Steam, and then download the free update to let your inner kitty loose. Bonus: Check out the hilarious game trailer below.

[Source: TheVerge]