Bungie, you tease: cryptic Latin clues hint at next big Destiny update

Reddit clues point to September 20 release

Bungie is no stranger to wacky alternate reality games and mysterious teasers hinting about upcoming games.

If this odd bit of Destiny meta turns out to be true, though? Bravo, Bungie. Bravo.

Here’s the skinny. Just after Destiny’s April update dropped, a guide pointing to an undiscovered Dead Ghost appeared on the game’s Reddit page. As in, just after - a mere 16 minutes after the update went live.

That meant the poster, Rezyl Azzir, had managed to download the update, finish a run through the Prison of Elders, coincidentally found the well-hidden Ghost, and written a detailed walkthrough.

Destiny’s players are dedicated, sure, but that’s stretching things a bit.

Here’s where things get a bit fishier. That hidden Ghost? It unlocked a lore card detailing a character called… Rezyl Azzir. The exact same name as the original Reddit poster.

Once other users started digging, Rezyl Azzir swiftly deleted his account - but not before one of his previous posts, written in Latin, was spotted.

The phrase, ”Vegisima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra” translates to "The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars.”

Now, we're not saying the Reddit post came from Bungie - but the evidence is definitely stacked that way.

We’ve known a Destiny expansion was in the works for a while, but if this ends up being accurate, the date is set for September 20.

Based on how The Taken King left Destiny’s story, and rumours about unfinished Mars areas in the works, it’s looking like this new content drop will focus on the Cabal, rather than carry on the Taken story.

It’s the one race that hasn’t been fully featured, either in the vanilla game or its two expansions, so we’ve got our fingers crossed September will see some new locations added to the Red Planet.

With E3 coming up in June, hopefully there won't be too long to wait to find out.