Boohoo! Malaysia’s not on the first list of launch countries for the Apple Watch

Yes, that means you’ll have to wait even longer to get your wrists on one

If you’ve set your hearts on getting the Apple Watch as soon as it’s available, prepare yourselves for some heartbreak. Because Malaysia’s not on the first list of countries to have the highly anticipated wearable device for retail.   

Only nine countries will carry the first wave of Apple Watches, namely the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. We do hear your sighs of yearning and we do agree the waiting game is hard to play.

On the positive end of things, we have a better clue as to how much the Apple Watch will cost when it does make its way to our shores.

The Apple Watch sport will be the cheapest of the bunch, costing you US$349 (RM1287) and above. The price of the mid tier offering, the stainless steel Apple Watch, will range between US$549 (RM2025) and US$1099 (RM4055).

The priciest of them all

Obviously, the Apple Watch Edition will be the one to set you back a few thousand dollars (thanks to its custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold make as well as limited availability). It will cost you at least US$10,000 (S$36,894).

As for the price of individual bands, they will be marked upward of US$49 (RM180) for the rubber sport band and S$449 (RM1656) for the stainless steel link bracelet.

Pre-orders in the countries stated above start on 10 April, with the official shipping date set for 24 April. If the wait is too much for you to handle, you can probably get someone living there to get one for you. Alternatively, you can also wait for some of these people to start selling it on forums – but be prepared for a more inflated price.

However, given the official shipping date, you’ll have to do some waiting anyways.