Beyond The Fold - Samsung Has Patented A Smartphone With An Expandable Display

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may not be here yet, but Samsung keeps chugging on

Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a folding smartphone, so it comes to no surprise that they're looking into other ways to make a smartphone screen bigger than it seems. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy Fold had plenty of issues to the point that they're now forced to delay the launch, but you got to give credit to Samsung for being innovative enough.

As they're fixing the issues on the Fold, it turns out that Samsung had filed a patent for an expandable screen smartphone. TechRadar had coined this as the Samsung Galaxy Roll though no official name has been released by Samsung yet. Samsung had actually filed the patent on November 28 2018 so this was done before the Galaxy Fold troubles. Information on this has just been released online.

LetsGoDigital shared these patents with us and explains that the display can be pulled out using a slider system, creating an extra elongated screen surface, whereby the total surface area is increased by no less than 60%. This type of roll-out display can likely be useful when scrolling through a long webpage or when playing certain games like Tetris. The extra screen surface can also come in handy for a video call.

In its most compact form, the extendable display is stored in the housing, so that damage from outside influences can be prevented. The sliding system mechanism can be implemented manually, semi-automatically or automatically. A separate button can be placed on the side of the device for this.

Regardless of whether a manual or automatic system is chosen, the housing on the side of the device will move when the display is rolled in and out. In this way the grip on the device remains good and the user does not have to move his hand in the meantime. There are two rollers in the housing, which ensure that the screen can be rolled in and out correctly.

This rolling concept actually isn't anything new to Samsung. The South Korean company is also looking into a rolling TV, similar to what their rivals LG has done.

It sounds interesting for sure, but it does leave us wondering if it will be done feasibly and without issues in comparison to the Fold. But as we're closer to getting the Samsung Galaxy Fold first, we'll have to look forward to that now.