Baidu wants its own driverless car

It's the battle of the search engines to control our driving choices

To think about it, Google is rather terrifying. We're dependant on the company for email, for search, for chat and for our mobile OS. Baidu probably is aiming for the scary corporate high table by chasing its own dream of a driverless car.

Baidu is very ambitious, pushing to have its car ready by the end of 2015.

It has reason to be, being the number one site in China and the fifth most popular in the world. It recently purchased Nokia’s Here maps in a partnership with Uber and has recently worked with BMW on autonomous car tech.

But is all that ambition enough for the company to successfully launch a car project? There's a likelihood it will work with other companies for the actual car-making portion while using its expertise and new mapping capabilities for the software. Perhaps Baidu might even team up with Chinese automotive company Chery even, who knows. Only question is how well would the car function outside of China?[Source: Mashable]