Backup your broadcasts - Periscope adds permanent saving

No more 24 hour limit with a simple #save hashtag

Live streaming video app Periscope just got a whole lot more useful - you can finally back up your broadcasts for watching again later.

The twitter-owned app started off as one of the only ways to stream live video from your phone (let's be honest, Meerkat never really had the same impact), but Facebook Live had it beaten on features.

That changed last night, when Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykbour announced a public beta for broadcast backups. It's something Facebook has had for a while, and now Periscope can match it.

Dropping the #save hashtag into the title of your stream now automatically saves it, rather than simply expiring after 24 hours. You can always delete it later if you don't need it any more.

Any comments and hearts left by viewers will be backed up along with your video, and there's no limit to the number of streams you can save.

Any saved broadcasts will show up in your user profile, so anyone that follows you can tune in even if they weren't around while you were live.

Shared you live broadcast link to Twitter? it'll stay permenantly active.

Periscope fans don't need to look out for an app update to get the changes, but they will need to sign up for the Beta Program.

Throw in the fact that you can watch Periscope streams on the web now, and Facebook Live might be about to get some serious competition.