Apple appears to be working on its very own Snapchat

Apple trying to push its own video capabilities

As part of its efforts to push iPhone video capabilities, it seems Apple is working on its very own video app. Think Snapchat, but iOS-optimised.

Snapchat still works, though

What it is trying to do, according to Bloomberg, is just part of Apple's plans to integrate social networks within Apple's mobile products in an effort to compete with the likes of Snapchat and Facebook.

This new app will include both video sharing as well as editing and is an attempt for Apple to remain relevant with younger users, who have flocked to Facebook's Instagram and Snapchat Inc's app in droves.

With hardware growth slowing, Apple is looking at services and apps. At the moment, Facebook owns three of the top 10 free third-party apps in the App Store, with Snapchat owning two. Combined it's half of the top 10.

At the moment, Apple has tried to update its iMessage service, adding stickers as well as effects and support for media plugins. The new video app will apparently support filters, drawing/editing media and sharing to contacts on social networks.

Who's working on it? The word is that the department making Final Cut Pro and iMovie is behind the app as well as Joe Well, who created video blogging app KnowMe.

Before the app launches in 1017, expect more social-related features for the iPhone and iPad over the next year. Among them is better personal recommendations based on location, much like how Google Now operates on Android.

We breathlessly await Apple's alternative to flower crowns and dog ear video filters.

[Source: Bloomberg]