Apple Sues A Company For Selling iOS Clones

They're demanding compensation in cash

Say what you want about Apple's hardware offerings, but their iOS remains one of the major reasons Apple fans remain loyal. So of course, when someone tries to copy that, Apple will not take it sitting down. This time, they're going after a company that had created an iOS clone.

This was done by a small startup called Corellium, who had revealed a tool that is claimed to provide customers access to virtual iOS devices inside a web browser. As such, Apple has sued for damages and requested an immediate ban on the sale of Corellium's product. The iPhone maker argued the tool is an "unlawful commercialisation of Apple's valuable copyrighted works," or in other words an exact replica of iOS down to the underlying code.

The way this product works is that it creates an exact digital replica of iOS; from the default apps, and all the essential UI elements, providing access to them via a web-based platform. Apple says this isn't a mere reproduction or a fair use case, as Corellium "has simply copied everything: the code, the graphical user interface, the icons—all of it, in exacting detail."

Before you think Apple may just be overreacting, Corellium isn't exactly the kind of company you would call ethically correct. Forbes has shared that the startup take pride as being some of the early pioneers in the jailbreaking circle. So yeah.... they're not even hiding what they're all about, having openly admitted to it during a recent Black Hat conference where Corellium proudly displayed the ability of its product to offer iOS replicas to everyone, including "foreign governments and commercial enterprises."

So now Apple is demanding that Corellium destroy all the codebase. They're even demanding a compensation from Corellium; in cash. To take things another step further, the company has also requested the US court to order the startup to notify its customers that it violated Apple’s right.