Apple might be working on a GoPro-like camera behind closed doors

The i-device maker was granted a new patent that suggests a new camera is in the make
Apple might be working on a GoPro-like camera behind closed doors

GoPro can’t be the only famous “wearable camera” anymore, and the fact that more vendors are moving into this space suggests that it might not be holding on to its reign in the near future.

HTC recently released its RE action camera, making its mark into the industry. Apparently, Apple wants a share of that pie too, according to a new US patent granted to the Cupertino-based company.

Call it the iCamera, iMountable, or the Apple Camera (yes, we randomly came up with these names), but the purported device aims to do one thing – improve on GoPro’s remote controllable cameras (this was specified in the filing).

It went on to further explain that GoPro’s HD Hero2 camera “causes excessive wind resistance and presents a high profile that is more susceptible to damage”. So, you can already imagine, this alleged Apple device will boast being streamlined and ruggedised as some of its key features.

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Oh, and if you’re looking at the images and wondering why it’s branded by Kodak, it’s because the rumoured device might be made as a result of patents Apple acquired from the company.

Both Google and Apple placed bids for more than 1000 of Kodak’s patents sometime in July 2012, and obviously, Apple got its hands on these.

Just because Apple’s patented this idea doesn’t mean that it will or is already working on such a digital camera – there’s also a possibility that it never gets to see the light of day, so we reckon you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

However, if Apple does want the share of the pie, it should be taking advantage of the situation – GoPro’s stock recently took a dip by 46 per cent from its high of US$98.47 in Q3 last year.

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[Source and image: Business Insider]