Apple might be bringing screen smarts to its next iPad case

Patent suggests panelled protector complete with pixels

Apple certainly knows a thing or two about how to make delicious devices.

But, with rumours of a new iPad launch alongside the now almost-certain September 9 iPhone 6s announcement, the Cupertino company may have turned all protective over its market-topping tablet.

A patent published on May 15 last year details a panelled case for the iPad that can display notifications and interact with apps - not unlike HTC’s Dot View cases or Samsung’s S View cover.

Pixel perfect

It’s believed that the case wouldn’t look too dissimilar to the current crop of iPad protectors, but that at least one of the panels would be able to display notifications and possibly even widgets.

Indeed, a handful of images from the filing suggests the possibility of a dot-pixel array to deliver alerts in subtle style to your smart-tab saviour.

At this stage it isn’t clear how advanced any screen tech on the cover might be, but the patent does detail a multitude of potential uses: from direct email, app and calendar information access to enhanced functionality when used as a kickstand.

Plenty of patent-ial

The possibilities for such a case are in theory endless: the patent discusses only panels that “can be used in conjunction with an application configured to utilise the panels” – whether this means an Apple-only app or might encompass third-party developers is unclear.

Just think: a movie trivia app beaming facts and bloopers to the kickstand whilst you watch your favourite flick uninterrupted; the latest sports scores on the front of your case when rain might otherwise stop play; or, perhaps, just gorgeous live wallpapers so you’ll never get bored of your protected portable’s portrait.

As ever, it’s worth remembering that plenty of Apple patents are filed and never come to fruition. That said, with a press launch imminent it may be that smarter iCases aren’t so far away.

If the patent does turn out to be foundation for reality, we’ll be on the case. Too easy? Ok, we’ll have it covered.

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