Adobe’s Ink and Slide are a perfect match

Adobe plays its cards in the hardware space, but stays within its creative design niche
Adobe’s Ink and Slide are a perfect match

Behold – Adobe’s latest tech toys are a pen and ruler. Well, that’s how they might look at first glance, but there’s more to the new accessories than meets the eye.

For those of you who are slightly confused, Adobe has forayed into the hardware space after monopolising within the software sphere for years. But it’s not changing its direction; it’s still sticking to what it knows best – creative design.

What Adobe has actually unveiled is a set of smart digital tools named Ink and Slide. These gizmos were created in partnership with Adonit, a company that creates popular styluses, but their white and aluminium frame could pass off as a creation of Apple’s. 

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What do they do?

Adobe’s Ink and Slide are a perfect match

Ink basically functions as a Bluetooth stylus pen. It’s three-sided and pressure sensitive, and links up to Adobe’s Creative Cloud – which enables you to access and alter your images, drawings, etc. within Adobe’s mobile apps.    

Ink comes with a test-tube looking external case that also doubles up as a recharging case – the end of it magnetically aligns itself into the cap that has a micro-USB charging port. Ink takes about an hour to juice up and has approximately eight hours of usage.  

Slide, on the other hand, is a short ruler designed to aid Ink with straight-line or perfect circle drawing, or any other form of meticulousness sketching (read: attention to detail).

These accessories are bundled with iPad apps designed specifically for their use: Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch. The apps are free, but Ink and Slide are pricey at US$199 (RM641). Sorry folks, they’re also currently only available in the US (we're sure some of you will find ways to be the first in Singapore to sport it), but Adobe claims it plans to develop its rollout globally in future.

You might be waiting eagerly for this stylus/ruler duo to accompany your Apple devices, but a stylus hating Steve Jobs will be rolling in his grave.

[Source: MacRumors