Adobe Lightroom Mobile now lets you take HDR RAW photos

Adobe says the app's tech is as good as the HDR built into Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

Adobe's latest update for Lightroom Mobile adds raw HDR capture to select smartphones.

The update brings the app to version 2.3 for Android and 2.7 for iO and is free to use. It works by capturing three raw shots and merging them, thus creating a photo with a greatly increased dynamic range

Souped up photos

Adobe says that the results are desktop-calibre, akin to what is available on Adobe Camera Raw and the desktop version of Lightroom.

Caveat, though: the feature only works on the iPhone 6s and later, including the iPhone SE. Basically only iOS users with devices capable of capturing in DNG can benefit from the feature.

For Android users at the moment, only the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Google Pixel and the Pixel XL support the new feature. Adobe says that the processing and memory available on the Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel devices are able to support the algorithms used by the app.

Besides the RAW HDR feature, iOS also gets support for exporting original files as well as a new Force Touch and Notification Center widget, adding gestures to Rate and Review mode, as well as an option to prevent the app from sleeping besides other bug fixes.

Android users subscribed to Creative Cloud and general bug fixes.

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[Source: Adobe]

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