Acer's R1 monitors are slender marvels

Prices start from RM479 for the 21.5in model

While the new Acer laptops were the star of the show at the launch, Acer also announced its R1 series of monitors - IPS displays with super thin profiles, all for less than RM1000.

Acer highlighted the range's primary selling point: a thickness of just 6.6mm. Great if you want a nice large Full HD display that won't take up too much space or, as the pricing reveals, not too much of your bank account either.

Three models were made available, the R221Q, R241Y and the R271 with displays that are 21.5in, 23.8in and 27in respectively.  All of them share the same 1920 x 1080 resoultion with what Acer describes as a zero frame bezel.

As far as response time goes, the monitors have a decent 4ms rating and a 100,000,000:1 constrast ratio with a brightnes of 250 nits. As for viewing angles, the monitors all boast a 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles as well as 16.7 milion colour display.

The monitors support VGA, DVI and HDMI input with optional 2Wx2 speakers. Pricing is RM479 for the 21in, RM649 for the 23.8in and RM899 for the largest 27in model.