11street Has Quietly Rebranded Itself Into PrestoMall

Still the same online marketplace, just under a different name and brand

If you're one of the many 11street shoppers, it's likely you were greeted with a surprise if you use the app or even saved the website on your desktop. You would have noticed that the app now comes in a new name, and the saved website redirects to a totally new name; PrestoMall.

Checking the website's official statement, it seems that the changes were deliberate and had been planned for months. The website even shared an infographic of their journey thus far.

If you check out 11street's FB page, their description in the About section is also updated:

PrestoMall, previously known as 11street Malaysia, is Malaysia’s largest homegrown online marketplace, is now part of Presto – a unique social marketing platform that offers great rewards. PrestoMall is operated by Presto Mall Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Celcom Planet Sdn. Bhd.).

In terms of what this new website offers, it seems to be the same as before with exclusive deals, madness sale, global collections, official stores and even coupon street.

Time to say goodbye to 11street and here's to PrestoMall offering some great deals and shopping experience.