It feels like just yesterday that the last Moto G 4G was unleashed to the world, and yet already it's being replaced, and by a slightly more expensive phone. Seems a bit unfair really, doesn't it? Will Dunn goes hands-on to get some early impressions on whether it's worth it.

Motorola calls this "The Phone That’s Always There For You", which is a relief to us because we’ve had issues with other, emotionally distant phones that would get home late at night with no explanation and refuse to talk about it in the morning while we just sat there crying into the low-fat cereal we ate for every meal in a desperate attempt to get those phones to be there for us when we needed them.

When it’s not comforting you about your fear of failure or your awkward relationship with your father (which we're fairly sure it doesn't do anyway), the Moto G is very affordable, waterproof and offers fast charging, a large battery and a 720p screen.

It’s also very light indeed. If you worry about how a large, heavy phone could distort the line of your fashionable trousers, the G is your unit. It feels as light as three biscuits, or an egg.

It’s also a nicer design than the previous G, with a few more curves that give it more of a Moto X feel. For the first time you can also customize your G using Moto Maker – not to the extent that you can add wood or leather as with the Moto X Style, but you can add coloured accents and the whole back is replaceable with lots of different colours.

The camera uses the same sensor as the Moto-built Nexus 6, but it's definitely not the same camera: there’s no optical image stabilization, no ringflash and the image processing will be different.

That said, the handful of snaps we took at Moto’s launch event showed promise for a phone in this price range.

The waterproofing was confirmed by repeated dunking in a tank, and the screen looks nice and sharp even when it has a small mechanical fish swimming around in front of it.

With 4G and microSD support adding to its list of useful credentials, this looks to be a worthy successor to previous Moto Gs. It goes on sale today, and we’ll have a review for you just as soon as we fish it out of that darn tank...