From playing your downloaded tracks to immersing you in your favourite game with extreme fidelity, the versatile Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum claims that it’s no-one hit wonder.

But is it even possible for a pair of gaming headphones to do it all? Isn’t gaming in a very specific sound category of its own? Not if sound is an experience to you. Whether it’s in-game or in-movie, sound and music has the ability to transport and we took the Logitech G633 for a test ride to see if it’s the proper vehicle for sound immersion.

Built to last

Tons of thought has been invested into the physical design of the Logitech G633 (but we'll save the detailed story for another time). It’s lightweight enough and comfortably padded to sit on your head for the 16 hours you need to completely play through Alien: Isolation, that is if your bladder doesn’t give out first. Easily adjustable, they manage to feel solid enough that the hinges won't get loose after continued adjusting. 

The ear cups are flat for forming the perfect seal of passive noise cancellation and angled so that you don’t feel any prolonged pressure against your ears. As for the microphone to shout all important commands at your teammates, you can put it out and down and twist it towards your mouth for the 128mm mic to mouth distance. It’s extendable so that it can be fully concealed within the right ear cup, which makes using the Logitech G633 socially acceptable for street use. We didn’t have the chance to try the microphone out, so the verdict is still out on the voice quality. 

Plus, the reptilian alien-esque design doesn’t look half bad. Just make sure you’re listening to something badass, and not Taylor Swift.

Sound immersion

We had the chance to visit the Logitech Signature Studio, alternatively known as the ultimate man cave, where a speaker location test was played over speakers placed throughout the room. And when it was time to listen to it through the G633, we had to check if the headphones were connected because the replay sounded freakishly similar.

That double take is thanks to DTS Headphone:X , a very precise surround sound option that’s available on top of the more common Dolby 7.1 option. All you’ve got to do is select the sound profile on the Logitech Gaming Software that’s available for download. And everyone knows how important precision is when you’re playing a first person shooter like Battlefield and you need to place where you’re taking shots from. So whether it’s footsteps behind you, or an explosion in the distance, you’ll be able to hear it coming.

Logitech was ballsy enough to set up a comparison test with the Sennheiser HD650 and the difference was stark. But not in a bad way if you like your music full and punchy. The “patent-pending” Pro-G drivers stayed true to all frequencies, without the tendency of distortion so anything from gunshots to explosions are perfectly mimicked when we listened in on a game of Battlefield. Plus if you don’t like the way it sounds, change it up using the control panel that’s the Logitech Gaming Software.

What it allows for is a thorough tweaking of all the sound settings you can imagine. Adjust till your heart’s content on the 10-band equaliser. Or select a sound profile, switch between Dolby and DTS Headphone: X surround options, create your own - the options to mix and match your perfect sound profile that automatically kicks in are endless.

Speaking of customisation...

Lights, action!

No gamer worth his salt wants to blend into the crowd. And the Logitech G633 is as sleek and flashy as they come. With lines of RGB lighting snaking down the sides of each ear cup, you can program these to pulsate, cycle through the rainbow spectrum, or display a solid colour that you can sync across all your other Logitech G peripherals. Go loud on colour if you’re feeling flamboyant, or don’t mess with the lighting and stay under the radar.

We love that you can customise the lighting to enhance your gaming experience. So that when you get KIA playing your first person shooter, the lighting explodes in a burst of red. Spectacular. 


Just like how the Logitech G633 delivers across PC, console, and mobile, you can also multitask by sound mixing. It has a USB port and an analog output so you can listen to what’s going on on the TV while playing your game.

We’d really rather focus on the mission at hand, but we can understand how this can come in useful especially if you’re a big sports fan who just wants to keep an ear on the score. Just make sure you don’t let your team down when you get distracted by a goal scored mid-game.

And should you want to apologise, you can always create a macro that sends out a sorry message on any of the three programmable (catchily named) G-keys located on the back of the left ear cup. Of course, you can also use it for more practical in-game action, whatever floats your boat. Our only complaint is that the keys feel rather cheap and tacky, we'd love for it to be accented in metal for a nice pop in design and feel.

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum - Initial Verdict

Although we're not sure that an audiophile might take to this, the Logitech G633 is great for the gamer who cares about sound. And it's the perfect pair of headphones to deliver an all-round sound experience in every aspect.

Surround is superb for getting the wearer lost in the experience, tuning out the real world, and it's got enough customisability in controls and looks to satisfy even the fussiest gamer. At RM599, the perfect triple threat is a good deal for covering all entertainment bases.

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