Huawei had recently launched a series of portable ultrabooks and tablets into the Malaysian market, with their star ultrabook being the Huawei MateBook D15. Here's a quick hands-on review for a general idea of what this ultrabook has to offer.

Sleek and sturdy

Straight off, the first thing to note is the sleek design it has, and that it actually feels quite sturdy despite how light it looks. And yes, while it is really slim at 16.9mm, it weighs 1.53kg which is a pretty standard weight. Not as light as you would think, but for what the device has to offer, it's still a good size to carry around.

Of which, it's definitely not the kind of ultrabook you can slip into your every day bag easily. You will still need to get a laptop bag but thankfully, even with its light charger and USB-C wire, the overall weight should be bearable to carry around for hours with little burden on your shoulders.

Best screen ever

The screen on the Huawei MatebBook D 15 has to be the most impressive there is so far. This is thanks to the device's HD FullView Display, where Ultra HD and even 4K videos look amazing on it. It's great to see that even on laptops, the FullView display is not only possible, but is even more impressive visually.

Speaking of which, the MateBook D15 comes with an 87 percent screen-to-body ratio, which means you can see a lot more content on the screen without scrolling down a lot. This is especially helpful for those working and need references or revisions.

As mentioned earlier, while the MateBook D15 isn't something I would consider light, if you compare a similar laptop with another screen like this, it would definitely be a lot heftier. So while I wouldn't call it light, it's definitely on the lighter side for what it offers.

We'll be doing a full review on the device soon so stay tuned to see how well it does when you work, its value, features and more!