The Fujifilm GFX100 Is A Medium Format Camera With A Massive Sensor

If 102MP is considered Medium, I wonder what Large is
24 May 2019 / 17:25MYT

Jokes aside - for the uninitiated, medium format refers to cameras making use of sensors larger than that of a 35mm film frame and are used in cameras that have more professional applications and are required for massive-sized high resolution prints such as billboards. The Fujifilm GFX100 packs a 102MP 55mm CMOS sensor and is coupled with Fujifilm’s own X-Processor 4 which adopts the same 3.76 million phase detection and autofocus algorithm found in the X-T3 and X-T30 - a first for its kind. Its large sensor is complimented with a built-in 5-axis image stabilisation, and has a native ISO of 100 to 12,800. For the video fanatics out there, the camera is able to record uncropped 4K videos at 30fps. The Fujifilm GFX100 will go on sale by the end of June 2019 retailing at USD 9,999 (~MYR 41,900).

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