Klipsch's True Wireless Earbuds Charge Case Looks Like A Lighter

Smokers beware, your friends may be offering you great sounds instead of a light
07 January 2019 / 12:06MYT

With today's social climate, it goes without saying that discussion on smoking can be pretty risque. But looks like Klipsch didn't get the memo as they released their range of audio gear at CES 2019 which includes a true wireless earbuds that charge in a case that many would mistaken as a lighter case. 

Even with that said these earbuds are incredibly stylish, and with a cost of USD$199 (over RM800), it's actually more than the price of AirPods. The earbuds have oval tips and should last about eight hours, though with the lighter case you can expect another 24 hours of awesome sounds. 

If you're keen to get this to trick your smoker friends, or would love a great pair wireless earbuds in a lighter case to carry around, you can save up for this as it releases in June this year. 

Klipsch's T5 line also includes a variety of earphones; a wired set, tethered wireless earbuds and a neckband option. With a price tag between USD$59-199 (around RM250-850), you can expect them to be available around spring time. The company will also be showing off five new soundbars and more Heritage Wireless speakers.

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