Lifeprint’s AR-enabled printer now prints bigger photos from anywhere in the world

Moving pictures
07 December 2017 / 2:57MYT

To say instant photo printers are all the rage at the moment would be an understatement filed in the same category as “grilled cheese is quite nice”, but Lifeprint products have a USP: augmented reality. Available exclusively from Apple Stores, its latest printer can produce larger 3x4.5-in Zink images to the previous model’s 2x3. It’s now WiFi as well as Bluetooth, so photos can effectively be printed from anywhere in the world. Once they’re in your hand, pointing at the snaps using Lifeprint’s AR app brings them to life, Harry Potter-style. You can print a still from a video, Live Photo, Snap, Vine (remember those?) or Instagram story, then use your iPhone to truly blow your Granny’s mind. The new Lifeprint printer is available now for £159.99 (RM875).