Don’t be fooled by the adorable name: Lynky has the Echo Show in its sights

Lynk to the future
26 October 2017 / 1:00MYT

It seems inevitable that Google will eventually unveil a direct rival the Echo Show, but in the meantime we have Lynky, a touchscreen smart home hub with Google Assistant built in. Much like Amazon’s device, Lynky combines a tablet-like interface with all the handy functionality you’ve come to expect from your voice assistant of choice. The hub, which you can either place on a desk or wall mount to replace your boring old light switch, is WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee-enabled, and its two-microphone array means you should be able to boss your smart home around without getting a sore throat in the process. It’ll be your one-stop-shop for podcasts, news blasts and - crucially - intentionally stupid questions, but the apparent lack of a camera means you can forget about fashion tips. Probably for the best. Back it on Indiegogo from $99 (RM420).

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