Mario’s Monopoly Gamer will get you playing board games outside of Christmas

Out with Old Kent Road, in with Bowser’s Castle
29 June 2017 / 1:23MYT

If you thought the original Monopoly was dull, you clearly haven’t spent an all-nighter getting off your face on the fundamentals of market economics. Still, this special Mario version promises to be even more entertaining than making a killing with a row of red hotels. Monopoly Gamer ($25, RM110) is based on the same board mechanics as the original game, but swaps paper money for gold coins and top hats for Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Naturally, the properties on offer include Peach’s Castle and Rock-Candy Mines, while passing ‘Go’ gives you the chance of winning a boss fight instead of a handy RM200. What hasn’t changed is that you’ll still get a in huge fight with your family and sulk for the rest of the day.