Jaguar’s newest F-Type comes with feelgood fitted as standard

Lighter Ingenium engine is easy on your wallet, easier on the Earth
12 April 2017 / 17:50MYT

Last time we talked F-Type, it would have been about the four-wheel-drive, 570bhp SVR version. We would have been pretending to be excited about it. You know, as if we had met at a work social event and were trying to come across as top lads. In fact, we find this kind of thing is more interesting: a new entry-level £50k (almost RM280k) F-Type with a lightweight four-cylinder, two-litre turbocharged engine. It still has 300bhp, it’ll still be rapid and tuneful, but it’ll also get close to 40mpg and 163g/km emissions. That’s purposeful engineering, we reckon. (But, if you ask us about it at a wedding, we’ll tell you it’s ‘a total joke’.)

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