T+A's hi-res Cala streamers play nice with Tidal

Perfect for playing your latest earworm
17 August 2017 / 5:15MYT

The Germans have got a word for everything, haven’t they? They gave us schadenfreude, kummerspeck (literally ‘grief bacon’ but more commonly known as comfort eating) and now T+A Cala, which evidently means ‘neat little hi-fi with hi-res streaming from Tidal and co built in.’ Both the SR (£2313, RM12,810) and CDR (£3242, RM17,955 pictured) stream either from your subscription service of choice, or, if you’ve got a server full of lossless files, over Wi-Fi or ethernet using UPnP. You can connect to your phone using Bluetooth, plus there’s DAB, FM and internet radio onboard too. As well as adding an extra 45W to the SR’s 55W output, the CDR also comes with an extra disc-spinning skill. Any guesses what that could be?