Confuse commuters by chatting to your Google Assistant-enabled JBL Everest headphones

Touch ‘n’ talk
15 January 2018 / 3:12MYT

It’s 2018, so you’d better believe that any new pair of cans will have a voice assistant on board. And with the latest refresh of JBL’s wireless Everest headphones, it’s Google Assistant. Available in either over-ear or in-ear variants, they allow you to control your music playback, make calls, receive notifications or check in on Donald Trump’s latest outburst, all without needing to reach for your phone. Simply download Google Assistant to your phone, pair your headphones, and voice control is but a gentle tap away. Battery life is apparently up to 25 hours on the larger model, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your nattering being regularly interrupted by a sudden conk out, while JBL’s track record suggests audio will be up to scratch. There’s no word on local pricing or exact release date yet, but you’re looking at €249 (RM1210) for the over-ear 710GA’s and €99.99 (RM485) for the 110GA in-ears.