Chrome Gold AeroBull HD is the bling speaker for the audiophile who thought they had everything

It’s barking
22 November 2017 / 2:01MYT

If your first thought when setting eyes on a Jarre Technologies AeroBull HD is it doesn’t seem ostentatious enough, you’re in luck. The wireless Bluetooth speaker – modelled on a French bulldog wearing shades – is being issued in Chrome Gold, as part of a limited 99-unit run. The 200W beast is said to have “room-filling sound and deep bass”. You’ll also need deep pockets – the speaker’s only available from Harrods, and costs £3888 (RM21,270). However, it does come in a very nice box. If that all seems a bit rich, yet you still crave bulldog audio bling, the AeroBull XS1 is getting similar treatment. A pair of those 120W speakers will set you back a mere RM10,000+. Woof.