Hisense H50N6800 sound: Not bad at all

The sound on the N6800 is actually a pleasant surprise. Of course, we’d recommend a good soundbar for getting the best from your telly’s sound, but at this price, the N6800 is pretty good really.

Movies sound full-bodied and there’s largely a good balance across the frequency range, except for a slightly harsh edge to the treble at very high volume.

There’s not quite enough detail there to pick out the finer subtleties in the audio, but dialogue is clear and there’s a good amount of energy to get behind bold soundtracks, too.

Stuff says... 

Hisense H50N6800 review

Not bad for the price, but it lacks the subtlety to really show what 4K HDR can do
Good Stuff 
Nice design
Simple, easy-to-use interface
Crisp, detailed picture in well-lit scenes
Decent sound for the price
Bad Stuff 
Black detail lacking
Struggles with subtlety, so HDR looks a little flat