True fighting fans will be chomping at the bit to head online and prove their skill, and happily Injustice 2 delivers here, as well. For the most part.

Netplay is exceptionally smooth, with no minor delay or lag stopping you from connecting your combos. When it does go wrong, it goes very wrong, with major hangs and pauses, but these are rare. Reports from early players have been largely positive.

No best of three option is a bit of a downer, especially after Capcom relented and added it post-launch to Street Fighter V. Netherrealm may add it in with a patch later.

The online competition is already heating up, and while there are plenty of Deadshot players grinding out cheap wins with full-screen projectile spamming, the new game mechanics are there to help you adapt and conquer.

You’ll need to master combos to start racking up the wins, but the comprehensive move lists (complete with frame data) help you work out which attacks are safe on block, and which are going to leave you vulnerable to a big punish.

It’s a big improvement over the first Injustice, and the most complete competitive fighter Netherrealm has released to date.

Injustice 2 verdict

This hurts, speaking as a Street Fighter fan, but Injustice 2 is the most complete fighting game out there right now.

The single player story is fantastic, focused and makes the most of the beautiful new engine. It’s absolutely bulging with content, whether you want to play solo or try your luck online, and the core game mechanics have been expanded and improved where it matters. Plus it still plays perfectly on a control pad - there’s no need to splash out on an expensive fight stick just to stay competitive.

With a whole roster of new and revamped characters, there’s plenty here for fans and newcomers alike, and the combo-heavy gameplay feels so much slicker than the zoning-focused original.

Whether you’re into DC’s colourful cast of characters or not, Netherrealm has created a fantastic fighter that’s definitely worth your time.

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Stuff says... 

Injustice 2 review

A comprehensive update that’s big on story for single player fans, and bulging with content to keep multiplayer addicts coming back for more
Good Stuff 
Massive roster of diverse characters, with unique play styles
Netherrealm proves it’s the best in the business at giving fighting games a good story
Multiverse is rammed with extra content, for solo and online warriors
Bad Stuff 
Gear rarely drops for your main character, which can make levelling up a slog
Expanded game mechanics can be tricky to get your head around
Deadshot is cheap. No arguments.