Welcome to Stuff’s Life Hacks Week!

Solve the biggest problems in life with the simplest solutions

Life shouldn’t be this hard. And it really won’t if you’re a master of life hacks.

Simple tricks and shortcuts, that’s all it takes to make your life better, more efficient and productive. And in a world full of distractions, you’ll need that. More importantly, it shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg to enhance your life.

Celebrate the best Life Hacks with us on Stuff. By the end of this week, your first world problems will be a thing of the past.

8 things you never knew you needed for your workstation

You don’t have to spend a bomb to make your work station ergonomic. And by that, we mean the end of bad backs from hours of sitting. With some creativity and simple items lying around, you could go home feeling refreshed after a long day. We reveal the secrets to better health with eight things you never knew you needed for your workstation.

14 Google Search shortcuts to make your life easier

Take it from us, Googling isn’t as simple as it seems. While the search engine is intelligent enough to differentiate what you’re looking for, the sheer amount of results could weigh you down. Improving your Google-Fu isn’t that hard. Not if you follow these simple Google Search tips to raise your Google-Fu level.

Enhance your life with these incredibly useful IFTTT recipes

The world is a mess when you’re using an iOS phone, a Windows PC or laptop and can’t seem to make them talk to each other. Solving this first world problem is easy if you’ve heard of IFTTT. Posted something on Instagram and want to save it on Dropbox? Use IFTTT. But with so many recipes to use, which are the most useful ones? Enhance your life with these incredibly useful IFTTT recipes.

Turn everyday objects into useful things

Never underestimate the simplest objects on your desk. Even a binder clip is a powerful tool to organise your cable clutter. Or act as a keyboard feet if they’re snapped off. In fact, don’t limit yourself. Compare notes with us and see if any of your ideas match ours!

Make your smartphone work harder for you

There's an app for almost everything. But not all the apps in the world can make your smartphone work harder for you. In fact, some of the solutions are so simple, you might be shocked that you've never thought of them before. Well, don't miss out, get going with Stuff's Life Hacks!

Gmail tips and tricks

Gmail is more than an inbox for your emails. You can watch YouTube videos within emails. That mountain of emails waiting to be sorted? Gmail does it for you automatically. But it has more tricks up its sleeve. Unleash the full potential of your Gmail inbox with these amazing tips!

Best Google Chrome extensions for the easily distracted

While work beckons, you can’t resist the lure of Facebook, online shopping sites and anything that wants your attention when you’re online. Sure, Google’s Chrome web browser is the gateway to such distractions. But fortunately, it also houses the means to help people with short attention spans.

Three words: Google Chrome Extensions.