Ultimate setup: Apple iPhone 6

The best accessories for your trusty iPhone: updated with even more things to spoil it with

Picked up an iPhone 6? Or thinking about ordering one? Then you’re in the right place, because right here we’re detailing some of the best accessories for Apple’s new smartphone.

Cases, headphones, speakers and more: these are all items that can give the iPhone 6 a boost in certain areas – or keep it looking as fresh as the day you pulled it out of its (doubtless very tasteful and minimalist) packaging.


CLIC Wooden case (HK400 (RM167))

Let’s face it: smartphone cases are pretty boring. They provide protection – which is lovely – but most of the time they make your stylish new phone look uglier.

Not so the CLIC Wooden from Native Union. Made from a single piece of American cherry wood (sustainably harvested, natch), it’s hand-sanded – and, of course, each one is unique. Five different editions are available (the colour of the plastic corner “slash” is different on each) and Native Union will begin shipping them in early October.

Order CLIC Wooden case here

Philips Fidelio M2L headphones (RMTBC)

There’s no shortage of excellent headphones out there to replace the iPhone 6’s mediocre bundled earbuds, but Philips’ new M2L’s stand out.

Why? Well, they’re among the first cans on the market that have a direct digital connection to the iPhone via its Lightning port. The headphones feature a 24-bit DAC and amplifier, meaning that they do the digital-to-analogue conversion rather than the iPhone. That should mean audio quality that’s even more ear-pleasing – and they look pretty swish to boot. The M2Ls will be on sale from December, priced at around €250 (Malaysian pricing is yet to be confirmed but should be close to RM1036).

Annex Products Quad Lock bike kit (£45 (RM270))

Planning on taking your iPhone 6 out for a ride? Then consider investing in the Quad Lock bike kit from Annex Products. The Quad Lock system (which includes plenty of other mount types – it’s not just about bikes) is lightweight, strong and simple, making it easy to remove and replace your phone on the bike.

This kit features an iPhone 6 Quad Lock case, a rain resistant cover and handlebar mounting gear – everything you need if you’re planning on putting iOS 8’s HealthKit cycling apps to the test.

Order Quad Lock bike kit here