6 things we've uncovered for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XV

There's an epic new trailer

If anyone is still on the fence about joining Noctis and friends on an adventure, this new trailer should do the trick. The Final Fantasy series is always big on not just the OMGWTFBBQ battle sequences, but also the epic storytelling told through its cutscenes.

The new Final Fantasy XV trailer does just that, and it doesn't help that you'll have its theme song "Stand By Me" sung by Florence + The Machine that'll become the earworm for the day. Or perhaps weeks.

A Final Fantasy XV minigame for your phone

Road trips are long. Just as Noctis and his pals will realise, hence a break from the journey is always good. As per Final Fantasy tradition, minigames will be one of the biggest draw. This time, it's neither a card game like Triple Triad or the addictive Chocobo Racing.

Rather, a pinball-style game named JusticeMonstersFive will be the new minigame. But it won't just be limited within the game, the minigame will be launched across iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Presumably, since the trailer states a 2016 release, it should be sometime before the 30 September launch date of Final Fantasy to keep the momentum going.