Swipe to unlock: 5 incredible games that you can only play on your smartphone

Cast aside your controller – these mobile games give you a unique experience you won't get on a console or PC
Device 6

Mobile gaming isn't all Angry Birds and tilt-to-steer racing games.

These titles make use of your smartphone or tablet's array of sensors – and portability – to give you an experience you can't get on any other games machine. So chuck your controller, pick up your phone and get gaming.

The Nightjar (iOS, $5.98)

The Nightjar

This sci-fi adventure finds you abandoned on a crashing spaceship, with only the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch for company (realising the fantasies of countless Sherlock fans). 

It's a first-person survival horror game, with a twist – there are no visuals, so you have to navigate by sound alone, avoiding traps and alien beasties using your ears. Papa Sangre, from the same developer, uses much the same game mechanics – albeit with a voodoo twist.

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Zombies, Run! (Android/iOS/Windows Phone, from $4.98)

Zombies, Run!

Dodge zombies and shed the pounds at the same time with Zombies, Run! – it's a fitness trainer cunningly masquerading as a survival game. Your daily jog becomes a desperate dash for supplies as you struggle to outrun the flesh-eating hordes – and once you're back home, you can level up your base and build up your stats, MMORPG style. 

Is it a game, or a fitness tracker with a veneer of gamification? Whatever the case, if it gets you off your couch, it's a good thing.

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Device 6 (iOS, $4.98)

Part novel, part text adventure, part puzzle game, this might just be the future of the written word. It follows the story of amnesiac Anna, who wakes up to find herself trapped in a strange building. As you swipe your way through the story, it'll change layout, typography and orientation depending on where the heroine's going and what she's doing – and you'll need to scroll back through the text for clues to solve the game's intricate puzzles and unpack its overarching mystery.

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