Solar flair: the 9 best pairs of sunglasses for Malaysia's eternal sunshine

Feeling a bit squinty? These shades will (puts on sunglasses) fix your brightness levels...

My eyes! It can pretty painful staring directly into the price tag of a pair of new sunnies.

Luckily, not all of the best summertime eye defenders will burn a giant hole in your wallet, nor are they just for repelling the sun's rays either. Like the Snapchat Spectacles and Zungle Panthers, there's room to pack video cameras and headphones into those frames too.

That doesn't mean there isn't a place for a premium, hand-crafted pair of Japanese sunglasses like the stunning Ditas below too. But we've also picked our favourite pairs for cycling, beating beach glare and, well, just leaving on the train too.

So before you go shorts shopping, read our guide to the most important of all the holiday wearables...

The expendables: Jeepers Peepers Square (from RM105)

Do you traditionally mark the start of summer by sitting on a new pair of sunnies or leaving them on the train? Make the ritual a little less expensive by investing in some festival-friendly expendables like these.

The Squares still have full UV protection, but come in an everyday style that won’t put too much of a pinch on your wallet.

Buy the Jeepers Peepers Square (Black)

Buy the Jeepers Peepers Square (alternative frame)

The holiday classics: Persol PO9714S (RM768)

Folding sunglasses sound like a embodiment of middle-aged practicality, but Persol’s frames have been granted eternal cool ever since Steve McQueen wore some 714s in The Thomas Crown Affair.

This updated version has a lighter, slimmer design and a green lens that’s perfect for toning down the glare of the sun and those pesky paparazzi flashbulbs.

Buy the Persol PO9714S

The ultimate Wayfarers: Dita Cooper (RM1945)

Ray Ban’s iconic frame has been reinvented by every sunglasses maker out there, but this modern take on the Wayfarer by Japanese artisanal brand Dita is no knock-off.

The Cooper’s handmade acetate frame takes around eight months to make by hand, and is finished with a traditional bamboo polishing technique. Best not leave these ones on the train again, then.

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