Slide to unlock: 27 nifty tricks you never knew your iPhone could do

The iPhone has many more functions hidden up its sleeve that you've yet to discover (Updated for iOS 8.3)

We all spend heaps of time on our iPhones, and probably think that we know all there is to know about our phones by now. But you’re wrong.

Tucked within the recesses of the iOS intelligence are yet more ways that you never knew you could use your phone. Read on to become an iWizard.

Unspam your Messages

Situation: Your Messages inbox has probably become a jungle of spam, alerts from mailing lists you don’t remember signing up for and other nonsense like that.

Solution: Go to Settings, then Messages and scroll to the bottom to check Filter Unknown Senders. If you head back into your Messages app, you will see that your Inbox is now divided into two categories: Contacts & SMS as well as Unknown Senders, so messages from unknown senders will be diverted into the latter.