Paktor (dating) tips from Paktor

Still dateless for 14th February? Calm down and carry on reading some useful tips from dating app Paktor’s co-founder
Paktor (dating) tips from Paktor

Valentine’s Day. 14th February. If you’re happily married or seeing someone, this day will test your unwavering commitment to the other half.

For the woefully single, have you met Paktor? It’s available on iOS and Android and has loads of singles ready to mingle.

We hooked up with the dating app’s regional marketing director and co-founder Charlene Koh, who shares some tips to score that perfect date, avoid potential stalkers, and her personal experience.

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Paktor wants me to log in with my Facebook account! No way, my friends are going to laugh at me!

Paktor never posts anything on Facebook, so your Facebook friends won't see that you're using it. Paktor uses Facebook to set up a user profile so that you can get started matching with other users straight away and to make sure that other users are real.

Only individuals with more than 50 friends can sign up, meaning no bots or "psychos"! We don't like to define how our users use Paktor - there are many reasons people why use Paktor, including to find serious partners and to make new friends.

Some of the profiles look really weird or too good to be true...

I haven't really encountered any weird ones. But I definitely have encountered profiles of female users who are clearly soliciting themselves based on the profile photos they have. Our tech team is immediately notified and the user's account is banned.

The trick to getting a swipe to the right (for a like)...

Paktor (dating) tips from Paktor

Have at least one good clear photo of you by yourself and add a tagline to say something interesting - you have to give potential matches something to go on, whether that's a favourite television show or musical artist. Make sure you have indicated your matching preferences properly. It's all about the little details that make a user's profile successful.

"Sharing" similar interests

A colleague (I swear, it's a colleague, not me) shared a nifty trick to get more likes on Paktor. The more mutual interests you have, the more likely you'll get a thumbs up from the other end. In this case, Facebook pages. You know what to do - go forth and like your potential date's Facebook pages to increase your success rate.