OnePlus 5 vs LG G6: Which is best?

Extra-tall or extra-affordable? This showdown might surprise you

LG had the earliest big smartphone debut of 2017, and now OnePlus has the latest: the OnePlus 5 is here to challenge the Android ruling class once again.

The LG G6 has been somewhat overshadowed by more recent debuts like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the HTC U11, but it's still one of the best high-end smartphones you can buy today, thanks to its distinctive style and flagship components.

But the OnePlus 5 is a unique threat: it looks and acts just like a flagship, but comes in at a price that's RM200 less than much of its competition. Does it really stack up against an Android as polished and refined as the LG G6, though? Let's have a look.

Design: All face

The OnePlus 5 continues the company's design evolution over the years, and it's easily the best of the bunch so far. It's slim and stylish, admittedly looking very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to the antenna lines curving along the top and bottom metal edges, plus the fingerprint sensor on the front bottom.

While not the most original design we've ever seen, it feels fully premium and doesn't come off as a low-rent knockoff. It feels as nice as anything out there, save the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

However, the LG G6 is a very distinctive face to it, with the extra-tall screen (18:9 aspect ratio) dominating 85% of the face, leaving very little bezel around it. The rounded corners on the screen are a nice touch, too – and then when you flip it around, the back is all glossy glass.

LG made a smart move getting away from the modular approach of the G5, and the G6 really stands out as a premium, eye-catching handset. And thankfully, it's also IP68 water and dust resistant, while the OnePlus 5 sadly is not. We like the LG G6 here, all around.

Winner: LG G6

Screen: Ooh, HDR

In expected OnePlus fashion, the OnePlus 5's screen is one compromise the company continues to make to stay clear from the typical flagship price point – and it's a reasonable one. The 5.5in 1080p screen here is still a delight, as the AMOLED panel impresses with excellent colours and contrast.

But the LG G6 wins out with its higher-resolution Quad HD panel. It's a 5.7in beast, although it doesn't feel that large thanks to the aforementioned atypical aspect ratio. This 2880x1440 stunner is an LCD panel, but beyond the extra height and added pixels, it also has the benefit of mobile HDR support for compatible content.

It's one of those areas in which paying more gets you more – and if you want a top-of-the-line screen, then the LG G6 has one of the best around. Only the Galaxy S8 trumps it, really.

Winner: LG G6