The most anticipated gadgets of 2018

All of the big devices we're already getting anxious about

Look, 2017 might not have been a banner year for politics or international relations, but at least it brought us some pretty brilliant gadgets to please and distract ourselves with.

From the Apple iPhone X to the Nintendo Switch and Samsung Galaxy S8, there were plenty of devices that we loved and logged loads of time with – and 2018 should bring even more great tech for us to eagerly fiddle with.

We'll see lots of things announced over the course of the year, from smartphones to TVs, cameras, and gaming devices, but here's a look at 10 of the gadgets we're already excited for from the year ahead.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung's brilliant Galaxy S8 still rules our smartphone list nearly a year after its release, so it seems entirely possible that the Galaxy S9 will take its place in a few months' time.

Rumours and reports suggest that the Galaxy S9 won't make any huge changes from the previous edition, but we can likely expect even less bezel on the front, an even better main camera on the back, with a wider f/1.5 aperture (and maybe even adjustable aperture), and an enhanced S9 Plus model with more RAM and a secondary back camera. Check out the speculative, fan-made S9 Plus render above.

Unless another challenger rises in the spring, the S9 is likely to maintain Samsung's rule well into 2018.

Apple iPhone X2

The iPhone X (shown) is a wonderful, albeit incredibly expensive phone, and it marries the perfectly handheld size of the iPhone 8 with a voluminous, all-face display. Naturally, now we want an even bigger one.

And that's reportedly what we'll see next year, as a noted analyst suggests that Apple will debut a Plus model with a 6.5in OLED display alongside an upgraded 5.8in model. Furthermore, that same analyst suggests that there will be a cheaper middle model with a lower-resolution 6.1in LCD display.

That part seems like it could get a bit confusing, but in any case, we fully expect Apple to release iPhone X successors in 2018 – whatever they're called and however they may look.

Oculus Go

Right now, if you want to get into virtual reality (better than Google Cardboard), you need more than just a headset: namely a PC, a PlayStation 4, or at least a pretty decent smartphone. But the Oculus Go solves that problem: it's an all-in-one, budget-minded headset.

It seems comparable to Oculus and Samsung's Gear VR headset, albeit without the need for a phone to snap in. The Oculus Go has a 2560x1440 "fast-switch LCD" screen well suited for VR experiences, and given its compatibility with 1000+ Gear VR apps and games, it should deliver similar performance.

We don't have all the specs yet, but Oculus says it'll start at US$200 (RM815) and debut early in the year.