Monday blues are non-existent at Google's Singapore office

Massages and free meals, oh my

If ever there’s a tech empire, Google would be it.

But is being a Googler all that cracked up to be? You might have watched The Internship, heard rumours of employee benefits that will put your job's to shame, and wondered about life at the big G at large. And after reading this, you might understand why Google is number one on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list for the sixth year running.

Google keeps it local

At Google, office spaces are named after local spots, food, and even Singlish. If you needed proof that this office is made in Singapore, it doesn't get any more evident than this. 

We love how the meeting rooms have local phrases on them with the way they should be pronounced as well as their meanings in the classic search bar format. 

Speaking of food

Googlers will never know what it’s like to be hangry (that’s not a typo). The main cafeteria serves free breakfast and lunch to Googlers. Called the Goopitiam (we’re not kidding), the menu changes every day and features everything from a carving station to a live station serving pasta the day we stopped by. As for the type of cuisines, you get Asian, Western, and also Indian, with three different dishes for each.

We only have one question - where's dessert? 

And when you’re hankering for a snack in between, there are a total of 26 microkitchens in the office, each with their own theme and more importantly, a well-stocked refridgerator with loads of green tea and coconut water. And of course, the ever-indispensible coffee machine.