Make your iPhone 6/6 Plus even more incredible with these 5 multitasking cases

Weather all storms with the Taktik 360

Come hell or high water, you know your phone will survive at least the latter when it’s clad in the Taktik 360, and even the former.

More protective than a first time dad, this tough case will turn it into the perfect underwater (to a depth of two meters for one hour) and desert storm camera for the regular GoPro user thanks to its IP68 rating. Tales have emerged of it surviving extreme skydiving drops and being run over by vehicles alike. Comes with a cool locking key for you to feel all Indiana Jones with.

If it’s too bulky for your liking and you don’t plan on dropping your phone from an extreme height anytime soon, feel free to opt for the slimmer Aquatik case designed for your watery, dusty adventures.

Best for: Accident-prone Bear Grylls types

Get Taktik 360 here for US$99 (RM1640)