The Le Max 2 is a powerhouse that's beaten the iPhone to ditching the audio jack

You get a USB-C port that doubles up as one instead in this surprisingly affordable phone

Again, another Chinese smartphone maker has adopted new tech before Apple (if the rumours are true). Remember the Huawei Mate S’ Force Touch feature?

Launched in April alongside the Le 2 Pro and Le 2, the Le Max 2 is the big daddy of the LeEco family given its credentials. The 5.7-in phablet comes turbocharged with a 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, up to 6GB RAM, 21MP camera, and a sizeable 3100mAh battery. Talk about spec-tacular.

It's a headturner with its sleek metal and glass body, discreet capacitive buttons, and crystal clear 2K display even under the bright showfloor lights. And it feels really premium too, unlocking as soon as your finger is on the rear print reader. There's no need to wake the phone up.

Operation was zippy, with the Le Max 2 keeping up every step of the way. Whether it was firing off shots or swiping through applications, the Le Max 2 never faltered in its responsiveness. 

Now for the elephant in the room. LeEco has done away with the headphone jack, using the USB-C port to double up as one instead. The reason for this is the CDLA (continual digital lossless audio) standard that Le Macx 2's bundled earphones offer. What this does is give you high fidelity audio without the need for any kind of amps to turn everyone into mobile music critics. Unfortunately, a crowded tech show is not the best place to test this out, although we detected a noticeable depth in sound. 

If you're a little hesitant about this arrangement, there's a headphone adapter included to ease you into the future of mobile listening. At least you don't have to fork out extra to make your good old QuietComforts fit.  However you'll have to be prepared to treat the type-C CDLA earphones with a little bit more care; it might be tough to find a replacement pair at this point in time. Hopefully, they hold up better than Apple's EarPods.

The Le Max 2 comes in three flavours, starting with the 32GB version with 4GB RAM that costs CNY2099 (RM1260). The 64GB and 128GB variants both come with 6GB RAM and cost CNY2499 (RM1500) and CNY2799 (RM1680) respectively, which are incredibly affordable considering its flagship specs. 

Now we just have to wait for them to go on sale in Malaysia, whenever that may be.