A key ingredient in Apple’s secret success sauce is hate

Haters gonna hate, and that’s a very good thing for Apple Inc, observes Elissa Loi
A key ingredient in Apple’s secret success sauce is hate

With every Apple announcement, there appears to be more jeering than cheering, but that’s still good news for Apple.

Whether it’s the morning after the product launch, the days leading up to it, or in the period between products, you’ll find Apple haters trolling every corner of the Internet. Why? Because they care enough to give a crap.

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The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference

A key ingredient in Apple’s secret success sauce is hate

First of all, here’s some truth for you, Apple hater. You care.

Try and deny it all you like, call it whatever you want, but the reason you even care to click on the ‘Comment’ button and type your two cents worth of dislike is because you do care. Enough to spend a few seconds of your life leaving a scathing remark that will absolutely not benefit your life in any tangible way. Unless it's your life's desire to accumulate bad karma for some reason.

Still can't figure out why you're doing this? Answer these questions: are the products unveiled this time underwhelming? Is it because you had greater expectations for Apple? The answer is probably a resounding yes.

And all those people dissing Apple for a badly managed livestream? They cared enough to stay up and watch the livestream. And what our magazine editor Melvin commented on for the whole livestream fiasco rings true.

“Only Apple could generate this much attention from a crappy video stream. Why? Because nobody really bothers to watch the other brands'.”

Which brings us to the next point.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

A key ingredient in Apple’s secret success sauce is hate

It might be a cliché but it's true.

Even if no one was bothered with the keynote, all that bad press about the glitchy livestream on Facebook would have only served to pique people's, both Apple fans and trolls alike, interest.

How about the flak that Apple received for iOS 8's massive storage requirements? An iDevice user knows the pain of the massive update, but what you didn't realise is that they've inadvertently gave Apple a lot of attention and publicity. There's also the trolls emerging out of the woodwork to get their jibes in, on top of the complaints from consumers, which all equates to one big cacophony online.

Bad publicity or not, all is still well and good in Apple's world as they ride that nitpicky wave that's created an extended time of attention even after the curtains have closed on their Cupertino keynote..

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Competition is healthy, jealousy is ugly

There is a reason that companies choose to pick on Apple. When people try to bring their competition down, there's also an implicit recognition that its rival is worthy of its ad space. It also works as a validation to those loyal to them that they have indeed made the right choice, creating a sort of propaganda that's especially effective in the never-ending Samsung vs Apple war.

If a company's achievements are significant enough, there's really no need to state the obvious, or put a rival down to highlight your own achievement. You can trust that your customers are smart enough to arrive at that conclusion themselves. Yes, you might have been the first with the phablets, but that's really not the point these days. It's about how many people adopt their first smartphone, tablet or gadget.

Apple didn't make the first smartphone (that's Nokia), nor did they invent the first tablet (it was Star Trek), but what they did was make these two formerly niche gadgets popular. And that's what's truly important and a massive challenge for most companies these days especially with operating system loyalty factoring into more and more purchases.

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No need to state the obvious

A key ingredient in Apple’s secret success sauce is hate

By now, fans and non-fans of Apple's latest iPhones can deduce that the upgrades aren’t mind-explodingly spectacular. But that isn't going to stop the true Apple fans, who amount to millions, from shelling out for the new iPhones. In fact, four million of these Apple fans have pre-ordered the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the first 24 hours, creating a new record for Apple.

So haters, you’ll just have to keep those scowls on your faces because Apple isn’t going to sell one less iPhone 6 / 6 Plus because of the mud you sling their way. And that’s the truth.

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