How to turn off the default auto-renewal setting on Apple Music

Don’t pay the price for your poor memory, turn off auto-renewal to prevent yourself from getting charged after three months

Who doesn’t love free trials? We know we do.

Since Apple Music’s free trial will last a whole three months (that’s a quarter of the year, and an entire season if you think about it), there’s no doubt most Apple users will be jumping on the bandwagon today.

But given how long the trial period is, there’s a chance that you’ll completely forget about opting out of the subscription service when three months are up (heck, we even forget to opt out of one-week VPN trials). You don’t have to pay for your poor memory, just disable the auto-renewal setting now so the service doesn’t rollover into automatically charging you.

If you still want in, you can always sign up. But if you don’t automatically want in, you need to turn off this setting now on any of your Apple devices, before you forget. 

On your iPhone/iPad

Go to the Apple Music app, then to the silhouette icon on the top left, tap View Apple ID, and scroll down until you see Subscriptions and hit Manage.

Tap on your Apple Music Membership, and you will get all the information you need on the status of your subscription. You can read all that later. See Automatic Renewal? Disable that to prevent Apple from charging you when your subscription is up. Don’t worry, it’s a reversible process, just select your Renewal Option at anytime if you want back in.

On your Mac

Hit the iTunes icon in your tray (you can’t miss its rainbow hues), then tap on your account settings as represented by that silhouette at the top right hand of the window.

Tap on Account Info, then scroll to the bottom until you see Settings and tap on Manage to see your Subscriptions.

You should be able to find your Apple Music Membership, and right at the bottom is the option for Automatic Renewal, turn that off to experience peace of mind. You can always opt back in if you experience unsubscriber’s regret.