How to master...YouTube

Fix the comments

YouTube comments aren't renowned for their searing insight or mature debate. Here's how to dampen the flame wars...

18) Plug into Reddit

Reddit discussions are normally a significant step up from YouTube 'debate', so automatically import its comments for each video by installing the AlienTube Chrome extension (free, chrome.google.com).

Naturally, there are only comments available for videos that have sparked Reddit threads, but that luckily covers a signfificant chunk of all the best ones. 

19) Silence the trolls

Tired of getting into flame wars with teenagers? Avoid the temptation by clearing all YouTube comments from your screen with the Chrome extension Hide YouTube Comments (free, chrome.google.com).

20) Watch with friends

Sometimes the only way to get through a playlist of YouTube's creepiest videos is with friends. Luckily, they don't have to be in the same room as you - to get live comments from buddies for the YouTube video you're watching, broadcast it by using either Rabb.it app or Sharetube and inviting them to the page.

Another promising option for smartphones is the iOS app Uptime (above). It's US-only and invite-only right now, but as it's from a Google startup incubator there's a good chance it'll get the push it needs to go global.

21) Turn it into Spotify

On iOS. YouTube music vids tend to stop playing when you press the lock button, but there is a way around it. Open Safari, go to youtube.com, play anything you fancy then press the Home button. Now slide up Control Center from the bottom of the screen and hit play. You can now listen to YouTube’s finest vaporwave mixes even when your iPhone’s locked.

On Android. Download and install Firefox (£free, play.google.com). Now just go to YouTube (signing in for your favourite playlists) and minimise the app. The audio will keep playing, even when the screen is off. You sadly won’t be able to control music with hardware buttons on your phone, but the volume buttons will still work at least.

For a more detailed guide go to our '5 minute hack: how to turn YouTube into Spotify'