How to customise your iPhone

What better way to prep your iPhone for iOS 11 than by giving it a full makeover, inside and out...

For most iPhone users, seeing Apple's iOS 11 preview at WWDC felt a bit like waking up too early on Christmas morning.

You know the presents are coming, but it's going to be an agonising wait until its final release this autumn (or sooner, if you're tempted by the public beta). 

So what can you do to fine-tune your iPhone in the meantime? Quite a bit, actually. We've drawn up our favourites ways to customise an iPhone inside and out (without jailbreaking), starting with skins and paintjobs and finishing with software tweaks like custom icons.

Given that there'll be plenty of new toys to tinker with come the autumn (including a refined Control Centre, redesigned multitasking view, and macOS-style dock on iPad), now's the perfect time to get your iPhone prepped for iOS 11 morning. Here's how to get it looking more dapper than Don Draper after a day on Savile Row...

On the outside

From skins to decals, here's how to give your iPhone an external makeover... 

Give it a paintjob: Colorware

Custom paint jobs aren't all garish two-tone paint, flaming skull decals and go-faster stripes, y’know. They can be tasteful, and if done properly, create a lasting impact.

Sure, you could whip out the paintbrush set and snazz up your handset yourself, but something tells us that Colorware’s professional tech-transforming service will do a much, much better job.

You can either send in your own handset or buy one outright, before settling on your perfect design using the online preview tool.

Unlike vinyl wraps, this service is permanent, so don’t tattoo your handset bright green unless you’re sure you can live with it.

Go to Colorware 

Get the skinny: dbrand

A better option for those who are nervous about permanently spray-painting their iPhone is wrapping it in a snazzy layer of protective vinyl.

These are known as 'skins' and dbrand's precision-cut ones (starting from $9, RM37) not only offer dent and scratch protection, but let you mix and match different styles and textures to create a look that screams ‘you’.

They’re easily removable too, and won’t leave any sticky residue behind – perfect for new fashion trends and/or a mid-life crisis. If you’re after protection without a bulky case (and want something that’ll match your coloured faux crocodile leather waistcoat), look no further.

Get a dbrand skin

Go retro: Decals

If you’re an Apple Watch-wearing iPhone owner, with an iPad in your bag, a MacBook at work, an iMac at home and a Steve Jobs quote tattooed on your back, then we’ve got news for you – you might just be an Apple fanboy.

And that’s okay. Regardless of whether or not you opt to slather your precious iPhone in a case or skin, plastering over the modern shiny Apple logo on its rear with this retro-tastic decal will instantly add +7 to your geek street cred, while allowing you to strike up conversations with fellow Apple fans at Android Hate Fest 2016.

Buy a Vintage Apple rainbow logo