Imagine Guitar Hero, but instead of nailing fretboard combos your task is to steer a spaceship through a giant worm, following the paths of light and shooting down enemies to score points and keep the song playing.

That's basically the whole idea of Aaero which, at first, feels like a fun but limited concept, before eventually becoming an addictive challenge of coordination and reaction time.

The soundtrack is a heady mix of EDM and dubstep - which won't be to every taste, but does suit the whole 'light beams' and 'blast the little critters that keep trying to attack you' vibe. It's all controlled with the analogue sticks and precision can be a little tricky, but that only makes success all the more rewarding.

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Steam

Release date: TBC

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Were this game released as a soundtrack alone, it would be well worth buying. Throw in a serene, stylised island world where exploration is everything and you've got the potential for a cult indie hit.

You wake up on the beach - which, let's face it, has happened to us all - and, from that moment, are free to explore as you see fit. Traipse along the sand, go for a dip, stroll through yellow fields gently blowing in the wind: it's all wonderfully rendered and aching to be seen.

Of course, there's more going on here than mere looks and sounds, and RIME offers plenty to discover as you roam the island. It feels very much like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild meets The Last Guardian, which is probably why it's also coming to Switch. We can't wait.

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam

Release date: TBC

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An ultra-violent, top-down, dystopian action game rendered with a gritty red tinge? Sounds like a fun night in - and the cyber-future angle of Ruiner makes it one that you'll want to play and play.

With action that comes thick and fast as you fight through a neon-lit underworld, Ruiner channels more than a little of Hotline Miami in its blend of shoot-to-kill and dodge-death-to-progress gameplay - and that's no bad thing.

Set in 2091, a back story of hackers, totalitarian governments and vast cities might not be novel, but it's brilliantly realised in the brutality of Ruiner. This is one we can see stealing hours.

Platforms: Steam

Release date: TBC

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