The first 12 things you should do with your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

Apart from taking it out of the box, obviously

The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 are Apple’s swankiest iPhones yet, and along with iOS 11 make for a serious chunk of power in your palm.

However, some of the really good stuff isn’t always easy to find - especially if you're coming from an older version of iOS or (shudder) an Android phone.

Here’s our guide, then, to a dozen things you really need to do, when getting your shiny new Apple pride and joy up and running.

1. Set up Touch ID

“Wait”, you might say, “I’ve already done this”. And perhaps you did set up a thumb with Touch ID when working your way through Apple’s welcome wizard. But, really, you want to have both thumbs and a couple of forefingers scanned. This will let you fire off Touch ID using either hand, or without twisting your wrist when your iPhone’s face-up on a table.

In Settings, head to Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode, tap Add a Fingerprint, and get mashing that Home button with different digits.

2. Start using Siri and search

Whether you hold the Home button and ask Siri stuff, yell “Hey, Siri!” at an annoyingly loud volume, or drag down a Home screen to access Search, do these things often. Apart from the shouty bit.

The reason is iOS 11 learns from your habits. The more you use Siri and Search, the better they get. Handily, you can also correct Siri now, by editing its interpretation of what you say, when it mistakes “What’s the weather tomorrow?” for “I want to buy gorgonzola”.

3. Use Find my iPhone

In the Settings app, tap on your name and then iCloud. Tap Find My iPhone and then ensure Find My iPhone and Send Last Location are both turned on.

The dedicated Find my iPhone app (labelled Find iPhone) comes preinstalled on your iPhone. Sign in using your Apple ID and you’ll see your iPhone on a map. Tap Actions and you get options, including Play Sound (if your iPhone is ‘lost’ nearby), Lost Mode (which enables you to set up an SOS on the lock screen), and Erase iPhone (for when all hope is lost along with your iPhone).