Come with us on a trip through the strangest sights and sounds from MWC 2015

When tech companies congregate, it's a circus of one-upmanship

Mobile World Congress is the biggest annual gathering of smartphone makers all the world over. And you know what happens when you get all that competition in one place? That's right, one-upmanship.

We trawled the halls to bring you the best of the lengths booths go to to grab people's attention. Brace yourself...

VR is a load of hot air

Roll up and get your turn in a vibrating hot air balloon basket! Sometimes the smarter the tech, the dumber it makes you look, huh?

Droid dude

Guess who has the greatest presence at MWC? This should give you some clue. They were giving away Android printed bags and character pins for the ardent MWC trawler.

Pins and needies

There are apparently 124 of these character pins scattered around the halls for you to collect. You'd think ain't nobody got time for that, but you'd be surprised. We hear that most booths had run out of them by the second day.

Going through the motions

Think you have a bad job? Look at this guy and feel better. 


Are you sure that's enough GoPros for the bike ride down the street? Maybe you should strap a few more on to cover every angle possible of your slow trundle. 

Microsoft break(into)dance

There's a DJ playing tunes on the Surface Pro 3 in the hot air balloon at Microsoft's booth. But that's not the best bit. It's when their staff break into spontaneous dance that's really got everybody's attention. 

Running the show

It's not easy to stand out at MWC with the number of wearables making an appearance, but no one can possibly miss the woman running in the giant Fitbit Charge.

Android takes off

Got to love the little green dude, especially when he tries so hard.

Sandisk style

Sandisk pays tribute to MWC's host city with a pair of flamenco dancers, causing quite the human traffic jam as people stopped to gawk.

Juice up

Understandably, there will be many devices running out of battery at this giant tech fair. Thanks to these free of charge charging stations, attendees can just drop their powerless devices off, get a receipt and pick them up later, fully charged and ready to go.