Can't stand your iPhone anymore? Here's how you can switch from iOS to Android

It ain't easy but don't worry, we've got your back(up)

Sick of the limitations of your iPhone? Fortunately fo ryou, there are plenty of Android smartphones being launched every couple of months.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still pretty new, the LG G5 is being launched into different countries around the world, Xiaomi just launched the Redmi Note 3 in Malaysia and HTC just announced the HTC 10.

While switching from Android to iOS can be pretty simple thanks to Apple’s Move to iOS app on the Play Store, things can get quite tricky the other way round. Google does not have a dedicated app to let you port all your data from iOS over to their Android platform, so you will have to do things manually.

Worry not because here’s a guide to help you move your data over effortlessly from your cranky old iPhone into a shiny new Android smartphone.