This canine version of Happy beats all others

And boy, is it doggone infectious
This canine version of Happy beats all other human ones with its true joy

Ever since Pharrell’s track Happy dropped, variants of it have sprouted out all over the globe.

They include Pharrell’s own 24 hour take, with even Malaysia and Singapore getting in on the act. But the thing about all these human versions is that emotions can be faked. You can see it in their exaggerated movements, performing all the cliched actions associated with the emotion, but you can bet when the cameras are switched off, everyone reverts to their grouchy selves at some point.

With animals, especially dogs, glee cannot be faked. Take this group of dogs (and one cat) gambolling on the beach for example. Those wagging tails, lolling tongues, and leaping into the surf can’t be an act. This is pure, unbridled joy in its very essence. And it will make you laugh, or feel like taking the day off to head to the beach.

Except don't let the cat get to you. The cat’s expression just indicates that all this is beneath him. Don’t be a cat, be a dog.

Source: Laughing Squid