The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases

A guide for the nervous owners who don’t want to break their new RM3999 device

If you’re in the “for smartphone cases” camp, and looking to fit your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with some form of protection, you’ve come to the right place.

With a beautiful infinity screen on the front and a new Dual Pixel dual-camera on the rear, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks professional and beautiful - So imagine the horror of dropping it face-first the week you bring it home, or scratching it on a plane ride. If that thought has crossed your mind several times (it has for me), then perhaps it’s time to get a new case.

We’ll cover the official Samsung cases made for the Galaxy Note 8 first, as we had the chance to try them out for ourselves. Then head over to the next page for upcoming third party cases.

Here’s what we think of the Samsung line-up on offer.

Samsung clear case

What else is there to say - It’s a clear case that comes free when you buy the Galaxy Note 8. Saves you from spending S$5 at the tech store if you want something simple that doesn’t stand out. If Chinese phones can start giving away free clear cases, why not Samsung?

Plus you’ll the stunning infinity screen curves can still be seen in all its glory, so that’s always a plus.

(If you’re wondering, no - This clear case isn’t part of top 8, that would be silly)

Samsung LED wallet cover

You’re a professional that needs a case to match. Then look no further with this LED Wallet cover. There’s a pocket to keep your name cards on the inside, but its the front that catches the eye - LED lights that notify you if you’ve got an incoming call or text, or show the time without opening your phone, all by pressing the power button.

The exciting bit of the LED Wallet Cover is the customisation. You can create your very own icons for the notifications you receive. Want to make a heart when your better half texts you, or a warning sign for when your boss asks where you are, it’s all possible.

You've got the four colours of the Galaxy Note 8 to choose from (and the annoying tease of the blue Galaxy Note 8 that we won't have until much later).

Samsung Alcantara cover

The smooth, suede finish of the Alcantara cover doesn’t just give your Galaxy Note 8 a little more texture inside and out - It’s much more easier to grip (though smaller hands will still find the large Galaxy Note 8 trouble to hold anyhow), and the material gives it scratch and stain resistance.

How much stain resistance you say? We dropped a cup of coffee onto the case, and used a cloth to wipe it all off. Here's proof.





No stains were left on the case, and the pink Alcantara cover looks mostly as good as the day we got it. However, the corners look a little worn, probably because we wiped the case aggresively - Alcantara recommends gentle rubbing and dabbing to get rid of stains. There was a hint of coffee smell that left the case much later in the day.

But if pink isn’t your taste, it also comes in shades of black, green and grey.

Samsung protective standing cover

You know you’re a klutz, and every new phone you’ve ever own has a large crack somewhere across the screen or on the rear. If you’re worried that this will happen to your new Galaxy Note 8, then this protective standing cover was made for you.

This military grade (Certified MIL-STD-810G-516.7 compliant, if you understand the jargon) case keeps your Galaxy Note 8 safe from drops, while still giving you full view of the infinity display. Don't believe us? Watch the phone get thrown across the hall to a wall.

There’s also a kickstand for those who want to watch videos while having their lunch break. The stand works much better than the Nintendo Switch, though it will pop off if too much force is applied. Like the Switch, it's easy to pop it back in.

Pick between classic black or blue to keep your phone military-grade safe.

Samsung clear view standing cover

We haven’t had the chance to try this out on the Galaxy Note 8, but if its anything like the one for the Galaxy S8 (and it is), there’s a translucent cover that displays your always-on display clearly, which doubles as a prop up your new phone for a quick movie binge on your bed.

You’ll be able to get one in any of the four Galaxy Note 8 colours, even in the unreleased blue.

Head on to the next page for third party cases coming soon.